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Solar Eclipse: Wrong glasses could have caused eye damage

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Defective Product |

Charleston Residents may wonder whether their eyes were damaged while viewing yesterday’s solar eclipse. According to The Charleston Gazette-Mail, damage could occur from looking directly into the sun, but damage could also occur if someone was wearing glasses that did not meet proper specifications.

Last week, PBS reported that Amazon recalled many sets of glasses when it could not be determined that they met proper standards. Amazon was unable to confirm that the glasses were made by recommended manufacturers. Glasses that met NASA and National Astronomical Society specifications were stamped with the following number: ISO 123012-2.

What are the signs of eye damage?

The Gazette-Mail sources state that symptoms of eye damage include loss of central vision, altered colors and distorted vision. Signs and symptoms may not appear for a few days or even weeks. If your retina has been damaged, it is likely to be permanent.

While it is impossible to know whether the Amazon eclipse glasses were used, if you feel that you have damage and your eyes are uncomfortable, seek medical attention immediately. It may also be worth consulting an attorney who practices personal injury. A manufacturer who sold glasses that were below specifications could possibly be held liable for damage suffered by those who used their glasses.