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Coal mining accident dangers

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2017 | Mine Accidents |

In West Virginia, many people are employed to work in and around coal mines. Unfortunately, coal mining work can be dangerous, resulting in injuries and fatalities. In some cases, coal mine roofs that are not supported correctly may collapse, trapping workers below. If you have been injured in a coal mine accident or your loved one has been killed, you might need to understand how you might handle your case.

Coal mining in West Virginia is tightly regulated. There are many federal and state safety guidelines and laws in place that are meant to keep workers reasonably safe while they are working in mining operations. When companies violate these laws, workers may be seriously injured or killed.

Many different things can result in a coal mining accident. You or your loved one may have been injured in a roof fall or collapse. You may also have been injured in an accident involving a safety violation. No matter the cause, it will be important for you to thoroughly investigate the case and to build evidence that supports your claim. Coal mine companies try to protect themselves and are unlikely to have your best interests in mind.

Our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys understand how devastating coal mining accidents can be for workers and their families. We work hard to investigate all of our clients’ cases in order to uncover what happened. We assist our clients with seeking the maximum recoveries that might be available to them in their mining accident claims. If you have been seriously injured in a mining accident, or your loved one has been killed, you might want to learn more about your rights. We have gathered additional information for you on our coal mining accident page that might be helpful to you.