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On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Personal Injury |

We are sometimes asked, “Why do you specialize in personal injury?”

A lot is bundled up in that question. We know what our answer is.

First of all

First, there is nothing wrong with personal injury law. It is one of the oldest legal ideas – that if a person is hurt by another, the other owes compensation.

This concept is a significant advancement in civilized behavior. Before this idea was accepted, individuals who were wronged by another either had to live with the injury or go to war against them.

Politicians often call for “tort reform” to limit the dollar amounts injured people can receive. It’s clear whose side these politicians are on — the people who cause the injuries.

The second reason

The second reason we do personal injury law is just that – personal.

We find it fulfilling to be able to help people who are in dire straits. When we meet our clients, they are experiencing major life trauma. They or their family members often have suffered significant physical injuries – burns, organ damage, brain damage, amputation.

They may have lost their jobs. They may have doctor bills in the mail every single day. They may have lost the love of their life, a caregiver, a provider.

We are seeing them at perhaps their lowest moment in life, and lending them a friendly hand. That means something to them, and it means a lot to us. It’s how we were raised.

It feels good to help. What feels even better is when the results come in — settlement money or a jury verdict. We have been with this family during a tumultuous time and gotten to know one another pretty well. At the end of it, they have a new start. And you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped.

We can’t think of anything more rewarding that.