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Woman injured in a Kroger market

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Premises Liability |

West Virginia residents who have suffered injuries while inside retail establishments might sympathize with a woman who filed a lawsuit against Kroger after she suffered injuries while inside one of its stores. The complaint was filed on April 12 and alleged that the defendant failed to keep the premises in reasonably safe condition.

The woman claimed that she was in the Barboursville Kroger when she tripped. She fell on a shelf bracket that was on the floor, resulting in an injury. She also claimed that she suffered mental anguish and accrued medical expenses associated with the injury. As a result, she was seeking damages in the excess of the jurisdictional limits of the court in addition to court costs and interest. She was requesting trial by jury.

Store owners are required to keep the premises clear of any hazards that could potentially result in injuries. If there are hazards, such as a wet floor, the owner is required to ensure that the dangers are mitigated by placing a sign warning of the hazard or blocking the area off. However, if the property owner makes no attempt to mitigate the hazard and a person suffers an injury, the injured person may have the grounds to file a lawsuit.

Someone who suffers a severe injury while inside a grocery store or other business should contact a premises liability attorney. The attorney may assist with filing the lawsuit and gathering all important documents that demonstrate how severe the injury was. The attorney may also gather evidence that shows that the property owner caused the injury through negligence by failing to mitigate the dangerous hazards that caused the injury.

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