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What goes wrong in the mines, and what you can do

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Mine Accidents |

Mining has been described as the backbone of West Virginia’s economy, but we know miners pay a terrible price in injuries, disease, and deaths.

The most common injuries occurring in the mines affect a person’s lungs. Lung diseases include pneumoconiosis, which we know as coal dust or. Other serious breathing problems include silicosis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and lung cancer.

Supporting families who are affected by this dangerous livelihood is an important part of our practice. Our actions at Farmer Cline & Campbell on behalf of injured miners go well beyond the meager benefits of workers’ compensation, which metes out pennies for the suffering of workers.

Our lawyers offer impressive credentials to families of miners: education, legal and medical knowledge and a track record of successes. The credential that trumps all others, however, is that we have been in the mines, we have breathed the air down there, and we have spent time with injury and disease victims on their homes.

We know what life is like for you, and this knowledge spurs us to do our very best to obtain rightful compensation for you.

Most of our mining injury suits are what are called third-party lawsuits. Workers’compensation is how most simple injuries are resolved. Third-party suits, however, are claims filed not against the mine you work for, but against other parties that contributed to your injuries. They include suits against companies that provided tools or other products that failed, and led to your injury.

Mines by their nature are beset with problems of providing breathable air, extinguishing fires and dust explosions. 

You know that some of the most advanced equipment in the world is installed in mine operations. You also have seen amazing machinery that over time has become broken, corroded, fatigued, was wrongly installed or inadequately maintained.

Given time, everything can fail: crushers, elevators and lifts, explosive devices, piping, ventilation systems, conveyors, lighting, drag lines and booms. Structures supplied or installed by outside firms collapse. Even the software controlling these systems fails, putting you in grave danger.

You put our life on the line to provide the world with energy. When you go down from this important work, we work to get you and your family back in the game.