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Liability and injuries during spring break

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Premises Liability |

Each year, many West Virginia college students take part in spring break. If they are injured, it is important that they know about their legal options.

Vacationers who are victims of violent crimes may have legal recourse to pursue damages. For example, if an attendee is assaulted at an event, the event sponsor and the owner of the property at which the event was held may be held responsible. The perpetrators of the crime may also be held financially responsible. Premises liability may be applicable in situations in which event operators or property owners failed to uphold their duty in keeping their guests safe. Providing inadequate security and not keeping a property properly maintained may be cause to file a lawsuit if either condition contributed to an accident.

Injuries that occur on cruise ships are also common during spring break. However, maritime law applies to injuries that take place on the open sea or while at port. It is advisable that an attorney who has experience in this area of the law be consulted as such cases are generally significantly more complicated than those occurring on land.

Getting a tattoo during spring break may result an injury, such as an infection or some other serious medical complication. The victims may have legal rights, even if they completed a liability release or waiver release form.

A personal injury attorney may evaluate the factors of case to determine if property owners were or should have been aware of the dangerous condition or inadequate security that led to the client’s being harmed. If so, then the filing of a premises liability lawsuit might be advisable.