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Evidence that can help with car accident claims

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Whenever an auto accident occurs in which there are injuries, and a West Virginia victim wishes to pursue damages via a lawsuit, a few elements are needed to support the claim. One is the factor of negligence, and the other is that the victim was harmed as a result. Therefore, plaintiffs will need to provide evidence of their injuries and proof of other monetary losses.

Medical evidence can include documentation of medical procedures, hospital tests and visits, physician diagnoses, and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Other types of evidence that can be used can be photos of the crash scene and the plaintiff’s injuries, testimony from anyone who witnessed the accident or from others who were actually involved in the crash, and the official police report. Testimony from medical experts can also be used as evidence in the trial, which can give the jury a fuller picture of the type of injuries the plaintiff suffered.

Prior to filing, it is a good idea for plaintiffs to gather as much information about their injuries as possible, while ensuring all those involved in the crash are receiving necessary medical attention. It is vital that the accident-related injuries are documented via personal notes, interviews and pictures.

People who cause a vehicle crash because of negligent driving habits, such as texting, speeding, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be held liable for damages if the accident leaves others injured. Injured crash victims in such instances may wish to contact an experienced attorney for guidance in pursuing damages. Plaintiffs who prevail typically receive compensation to offset their medical expenses, lost wages and other damages directly linked to the crash.

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