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Woman goes to trial for fatal drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A woman who was charged with driving under the influence after being involved in a fatal car accident in West Virginia was in court on March 21. A jury of four men and eight women heard the opening statements, including witness testimony from a passenger who had been injured in the incident.

The injured passenger testified that, in July 2015, the accused woman insisted on driving her Volvo SUV after leaving a bar in Bunker Hill after drinking. One of the deceased women had driven the vehicle out of the parking lot but then stopped on U.S. 11 to let the accused woman drive as it was her vehicle. The witness stated that they did not want to argue with the accused woman. The accused woman then began to drive the vehicle at unsafe speeds with loud music blaring. She then clipped a vehicle that was traveling in front of them, causing an accident.

When authorities arrived at the scene, two women were announced dead due to a flash fire caused by the crash. The witness said that she suffered broken bones. The accused woman reportedly had a blood alcohol content of .170 following the crash.

Drunk drivers can cause serious injuries when they get behind the wheel. If a person suffered serious, life-threatening injuries in a drunk driving accident, a personal injury attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. Depending on the crash circumstances, the attorney may seek compensation for the injured person’s medical bills and for any other damages the injured person sustained as a result, including lost income.

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