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On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Most motorcycle accidents are the fault of negligent and careless drivers and result in catastrophic, life-threatening injuries to the biker. Yet, many drivers will try to defend themselves by shifting the blame to the motorcyclist. For these reasons, the top priority of our West Virginia law firm is to protect the rights of our clients injured in motorcycle wrecks and obtain the maximum compensation they deserve.

Providing legal assistance to more than 1,000 individuals who have suffered an injury in a vehicle accident, our wrongful death and personal injury teams possess the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with large insurance companies and corporations. As a result, we have successfully defended the rights of our clients who have suffered at the hands of a negligent driver. Our goal is to rigorously prepare every case for trial in pursuing justice for our clients. As part of our defense strategy, we try to include medical professionals, insurance specialists and expert witnesses as evidence. In many of our court cases, when insurance companies and their defendants detect that they may not win, they have agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

Our attorneys know that each case has its own set of special circumstances; therefore, we work hard to treat each of our clients in an individualized way, giving them the careful attention and consideration necessary. Whether your case involves a drunk driver or an underinsured or uninsured motorist or your accident was caused by a defective motorcycle part, we will strive to do everything possible to achieve positive results for you.

We also understand that catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord and back injuries, serious head and brain injuries, body disfigurement and burn injuries can severely derail a person’s life physically, emotionally and financially. If you would like more information about our law firm, please visit our page on motorcycle accidents.