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Automated car technology and older drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Technology could help older West Virginia drivers travel more safely in the future. Smart car features help drivers steer away from obstacles, brake during an emergency and avoid collisions. Some technological innovations alert drivers to the presence of another vehicle or person in their blind spot, while others alert the driver to a vehicle stopped up ahead. These innovations are often built into many newer vehicles and offered as optional amenities in others.

As automated car technology develops, robotic braking systems are expected to be the standard in all American vehicles. These technological improvements may help elderly drivers, who are more likely to become confused when faced with a blocked intersection and other driving obstacles. Aging results in a limited range of motion, which can make it difficult for older drivers to turn enough to see all nearby hazards.

Approximately 80 percent of Americans aged 70 or older are expected to be licensed to drive in 2030. Technologies such as braking assistance could help them maintain their autonomy well into their senior years by compensating for many of the physical and perceptual weaknesses that are associated with aging.

While the advent of new technology and the improvement to existing features is hoped substantially decrease motor vehicle accidents, there will be times, as there are now, when they are unavoidable due to the negligence of other motorists. A person who has been injured in a collision that was caused by another driver who was speeding, impaired, distracted or negligent in some other fashion may want to meet with an attorney to see what methods of seeking compensation are available.