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Experimental drug may help people with TBI

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Brain Injury |

Traumatic brain injury patients in West Virginia and across the country who struggle with memory loss may have new hope in a new drug called PDE4B. Researchers from Tetra Discovery in Boston and the University of Miami are responsible for the findings.

TBI is a major cause of disability and death in people under 45 years of age. In addition, 5 million Americans suffer with a chronic disability from a traumatic brain injury. Therefore, the findings could signal a significant breakthrough for many people who are on medications that may help to manage the condition but are not approved to treat it.

The new medication may be able to treat a variety of brain-related disorders such as brain microglia, depression and schizophrenia. Tetra researchers theorize that the drug might be able to enhance memory formation in nerve dendrites and brain neurons associated in these brain disorders. The researchers are attempting to find out if the drug also has the capability to heal people with brain injuries brought about from a car crash, sports accident or other such external trauma.

People who have suffered a traumatic brain injury often have to face lengthy periods of costly rehabilitation. In many cases their ability to return to gainful employment is permanently affected. While frequently associated with football and other contract sports, these types of injuries can also be the result of a slip and fall or a car collision. When one has been caused by the negligence of another party, an attorney can often assist an injured victim in pursuing compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

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