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New trucking regulations delayed

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Trucking companies in West Virginia and around the will have more time before they are required to comply with new regulations proposed by the Department of Transportation. In its monthly update, the DOT confirmed that two new rules it had proposed have been delayed. The proposed regulations concern speed limiters and a database for truckers who have failed or refused to take a drug or alcohol test.

The rules proposed by the DOT have been delayed before, and the speed limiter rule was first sent to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget in May 2015. The final rule for speed limiters on heavy commercial trucks now has a projected publication date of ‘Spring 2016.” If it is implemented, the rule will require speed limiters on trucks that weigh over 27,000 pounds.

The other DOT rule that was delayed concerns a database that will be called the ‘Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearing House.” Under the new rule, information about commercial driver’s license holders that have failed or refused drug or alcohol tests will be entered into the database. Once the rule is published, trucking companies will be required to look up potential hires in the database to see if they have ever refused or failed a drug or alcohol test. The rule was going to be published on July 28 before being pushed back to Aug. 16.

Big rig accidents can be caused by many different factors including speeding, exhaustion and intoxication. A person in another vehicle who has been injured in such a collision may want to have legal guidance in attempting to seek compensation from the negligent driver for the losses that have been incurred.