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Voluntary deal to install automatic braking systems reached

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2016 | Car Accidents |

A broad agreement among automobile manufacturers may lead to automatic braking systems being standard for cars being sold in West Virginia by the year 2022. The terms have already reached accord among 10 of the largest manufacturers in the American market, and the plan is to expand the agreement until it covers 99 percent of all light vehicles being sold.

Automatic braking systems have been convincingly demonstrated to prevent many types of accidents and reduce the severity of some of those that occur. Conservative estimates state that these systems could prevent as many as a million crashes a year.

The intention of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is to broadly institute a voluntary pact before the rules are changed to require the systems in the future. This should reduce impact with the industry and improve compliance. As a rules change of this magnitude is estimated to take eight years to implement, this pact should also improve safety before then.

Automatic braking systems are emergent technologies that promise to prevent large amounts of damage and a similarly large amount of human trauma every year. Unfortunately, automatic braking systems cannot prevent all accidents. An attorney may be helpful to anyone whose car has sustained damage or who has been injured by an automobile accident. They can help to determine whose irresponsible or negligent driving was at fault, if anyone’s, exactly what economic redress would be appropriate and how to best file the civil suit for compensation.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Automatic Braking, Due by 2022 in U.S. Cars, Could Prevent 20% of All Crashes”, David Shepardson, March 17, 2016