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Marines involved in fatal vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2015 | Car Accidents |

West Virginia residents may have heard of the accident that wounded 18 Marines on a two-lane road at Camp Pendleton in California. Six of the 18 injured marines were in critical condition as of Sept. 11 after a rollover crash caused the multi-ton truck they were traveling in to flip over on the paved roadway. One 21-year-old corporal from Louisiana was killed in the accident and eight of the troops were listed as being in stable condition before being discharged from their respective medical facilities. In total, there were 19 Marines involved.

The marine who was killed in the accident was an anti-tank missileman who had previously served aboard an assault ship in South and Central America. It is not clear what caused the truck, which was commonly used to transport personnel as well as supplies, to flip over. It is also unknown at what speed the truck was traveling on Basilone Road. According to officials, there were no other vehicles involved in the accident and the investigation could continue for months.

The commanding general of 1st Marine Division issued a statement explaining that the first priority is the welfare of the injured Marines and their families as well as the family of the deceased Marine. The truck involved is known as a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement or MTVR, which is built to navigate any type of terrain and operate in a variety of intense weather conditions. Oshkosh officials have declined to comment on whether there are any other cases of MTVR rollovers.

The surviving family members of a victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident may want to speak with an attorney to determine the legal recourse that may be available. If it appears that the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, it may be advisable to file a wrongful death lawsuit that would seek funeral and burial expenses as well as other applicable damages that may be permitted by statute.

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