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Why the Tracy Morgan truck accident settlement matters

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Nearly one year ago, the acclaimed comedian Tracy Morgan and several others were traveling in a limousine van when a tractor-trailer owned by retail giant Walmart slammed into the back of it. The accident killed a fellow comedian and seriously injured Mr. Morgan. After months of negotiations, a settlement has been reached in the case filed by Mr. Morgan’s attorneys in the wake of the crash.

Like the settlement that Walmart reached with the family of the comedian who was killed as a result of the crash, the terms of Mr. Morgan’s settlement with Walmart are confidential. Oftentimes, media outlets report extensively on cases which boast significant jury awards. However, one of the primary reasons why Mr. Morgan’s case is relevant is that the terms of the settlement in question remain confidential.

It is important for accident victims to understand that justice can be served in many forms. Sometimes, all the family of a medical malpractice victim craves is an apology from the physician whose negligence led to their loved one’s death. Sometimes, an accident victim is primarily concerned about educating the public and lawmakers in ways which help to ensure that no one else ever suffers the same fate. And sometimes, cases settle quietly and without fanfare.

Settlements are every bit as legitimate as major jury verdicts. In addition, the settlement process can sometimes allow families to move forward without the stresses of courtroom battles. Mr. Morgan’s case remains every bit as important as it would have been had a jury awarded him compensation. And it is vital that the public and accident victims everywhere understand that other settled cases remain similarly important in general.

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