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‘Coming up’ in auto safety regulations – Part II

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Car Accidents |

During our last post, we began a discussion about the latest efforts of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We noted that because this agency is most directly tasked with ensuring that motorists remain safe on American streets that it is uniquely concerned with a host of auto safety issues. Keeping abreast of the NHTSA’s efforts can be beneficial for motorists concerned about the latest trials and trends in auto safety.

We additionally noted that the NHTSA seems keenly invested in running a tighter “ship” when it comes to tracking auto defects and notifying the public of these safety hazards. In recent years, the NHTSA has struggled to track some potentially deadly defects and both the public and lawmakers have become frustrated as a result of this inaction. In the coming year, the NHTSA hopes to prove that it is worthy of the public’s trust.

The agency also seems to be focused on the development of technology that may help to prevent crashes. On this front, the agency is both contemplating and investigating the potential benefits of certain anti-crash technologies and exploring the possibility of numerous autonomous vehicles on American roads. As the NHTSA has the ability to promote and the ability to mandate inclusion of certain technologies in new vehicles, this is a broad issue for the agency.

Finally, NHTSA leadership is concerned with the ways in which legislative bodies will affect the agency’s future efforts. Although broad bipartisan support has been expressed in regards to numerous auto safety measures recently, this support is not guaranteed into the future.

Source: Wards Auto, “What’s Next for NHTSA and Automotive Safety,” Christopher H. Grigorian, May 8, 2015