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Study indicates that technology has made driving much safer

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2015 | Car Accidents |

When you sit behind the wheel of your car or truck, do you ever stop to consider the power that you are wielding? Do you ever stop to think about how easy it would be to damage property or living things with a single lapse in judgment or a slightly wrong turn of the wheel? Driving is such an important activity in American life. It is a ubiquitous one and one that is often undertaken without much thought. However, Americans die every day as a result of car accidents and it is important to consider, from time to time, just how powerful the act of driving is and can be.

Thankfully, it seems that driving is becoming an increasingly safe activity, at least for drivers themselves. According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers are now far less likely to perish behind the steering wheels of their newer cars and trucks than they once were.

Specifically, the IIHS study indicates that individuals are less likely to die while driving models which are dated 2011 and newer. In fact, the chance that drivers of these models will perish behind the wheel has fallen by over one-third when compared with models dated 2008 and 2009.

Just what is making newer models so much safer for drivers? Electronic stability control, side air bags and various structural changes seem to be making the most significant safety impacts when compared with slightly older models. And soon, new models may be even safer than the newest current models.

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