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Farmer Cline & Campbell Wins Prestigious Litigator Award

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Earlier this year, Farmer Cline & Campbell was awarded the esteemed 2014 Litigator Award. This honor is granted only to the top one percent of trial attorneys and firms nationally.

The annual Litigator Award is extended to attorneys and firms that have demonstrated extraordinary litigation achievement within at least one of 72 predetermined practice specialties. Farmer Cline & Campbell has been honored with a 2014 Litigator Award designation in five distinct categories. The firm has been recognized as among the top one percent of trial practices in the specialties of Wrongful Death, Brain Injury, Automobile Accident, Motorcycle Accident and Personal Injury Litigation.

It is important to note that this prestigious award is not a matter of popularity within the legal community. Although Farmer Cline & Campbell is a proud member of the West Virginia legal community, it is also honored to have been granted this award based strictly on the verdict and settlement achievements that the firm aided its clients in obtaining during 2014.

Nearly 1.1 million lawyers were considered for this honor nationwide in 2014. However, only a choice few are granted the Litigator Award in any given state for any given practice specialty. The fact that Farmer Cline & Campbell has been awarded this honor in five distinct specialties clearly illustrates the firm’s commitment to its clients specifically and to excellence generally throughout its superior practice.