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After an accident, consider taking these urgent steps

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2015 | Car Accidents |

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely feeling at least somewhat disoriented. Although human senses can become particularly acute in the immediate aftermath of car wrecks and other accidents, they do not stay this way for long. The need to mentally, emotionally and even visually process a motor vehicle wreck can leave accident victims feeling like they aren’t sure how to react and at what speed.

Thankfully, attorneys experienced in personal injury law can aid you in handling the aftermath of an accident. Before you speak with an attorney, please avoid signing insurance paperwork and any other documentation that strikes you as suspect. Signing paperwork before discussing it with an attorney could limit your options for financial recovery and could affect your liability for the accident.

Your first priority in the immediate aftermath of a wreck is to seek medical attention, if you need it. If you are not in need of emergency medical attention, it can be helpful to take pictures of the wreck for future reference. In addition, think twice before speaking with police without an attorney present. Even though you may have done nothing wrong, anything you say to police could affect your ability to hold a negligent party or parties responsible in a civil case later in time.

When in doubt, call an experienced attorney as soon as possible in the wake of an accident. The aftermath of a wreck may be disorienting for you, but experienced professionals should be able to keep their minds clear. Having an attorney to walk you through the aftermath can therefore be incredibly helpful, depending on your circumstances.

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