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Do you want someone to evaluate how safely you drive?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Car Accidents |

It seems that our possessions are closer than ever to “understanding†us. Remote activators can let us know where we lost our keys, fitness trackers measure a host of our bodies’ movements and processes and some smartphones even refuse to operate for anyone other than the individual whose thumbprint it recognizes. If smart technology could not only help us find our keys and activate our phones but also make us safer, wouldn’t that be a development worth exploring?

Recently, OnStar revealed that it will allow customers to sign up for a service that has the potential to do just that. This new service will provide motorists with feedback about their driving habits and will allow safe drivers to seek car insurance discounts. After 90 days of evaluation, OnStar customers can receive an assessment of their driving metrics. These metrics will not only be compared to the habits of other drivers, they will be paired with driver safety and performance tips appropriate to the feedback offered.

This kind of feedback may help to ensure that motorists avoid causing car accidents when possible. If a motorist learns that he or she is prone to speeding and swerving, for example, that motorist can alter his or her behavior appropriately.

The director of business development and alliances, global connected consumer experience at General Motors recently explained that, “The driver assessment is meant to help people better understand how they drive and give them feedback on how to be better, smarter drivers. This is the first time we can use actual driving behavior to deliver valuable feedback to customers who want this information. This new service truly shows the power of the connected car.â€

Source: Carrier Management, “OnStar to Offer Driver Feedback,†Jan. 15, 2015