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Commercial vehicle accident needs professional involved

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Being involved in a commercial vehicle accident such as a tractor-trailer crash can cause serious injury. While most drivers are safe, take breaks, don’t drive distracted and are careful with those cars around them, some aren’t as cautious as they need to be — especially in the weather that West Virginia famous for in the winter.

Companies associated with tractor-trailers use Interstate (I) 64, I-77, the turnpike and I-79 regularly to not only deliver goods here but to reach states beyond our borders. This type of traffic ensures that those drivers of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles are in real danger and stand a chance of getting seriously injured in an accident. Even if you aren’t from West Virginia, you could be hurt and need help not only with your injuries but for dealing with insurance companies and the court system if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Some of the areas that an experienced attorney will look at when you consult them will be that they examine the trucker’s logbook for possible violations or being overweight. Violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will be researched as well. Questions that need to be asked are whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Were the lights on the trailer and truck all in working condition? Was he or she driving tired? Have there been other accidents that this driver has been involved in? Were the tires in good condition?

Farmer, Cline & Campbell PLLC Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC & Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC has a team of 12 attorneys who will be working to see that your rights are upheld. We will deal with the insurance company that will be doing its best to make you take a quick and low payout for the damage to your car and your injuries. If you decide to file a case in a court of law, we will be by your side to speak for you while you recover from this devastation. You need time to heal; you don’t need to be fighting for your right to compensation for lost wages, damage to property or pain and suffering.